Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hey there Aunt!

Saturday and we decided to go to PNOC beach for a little photoshoot. I'm just new with my Nikon d3100 and i am so eager to learn. I wasn't born with artistic skills in photography, since i'm a girl with quite a few interests.. I'm betting on nurture against nature! Hopefully practice makes perfect.. LOL ciaaooo!

Adet went to Singapore!

Looking back, i always dream of going out of the country. I never thought that turning 22 would be this great. At last my passport got a few stamps, documenting that i've touched down the singapore airport without a scratch. Mind you, the first part of my trip was a nightmare.

I was able to experienced hell before i left. the immigration officer did not allow me to leave because of some complications with my cousin's invitation letter and the fact that i am working in the government. I called two doctors asking them if they could secure me a travel authority within an hour ( i was so desperate ), unfortunately they couldn't it was all at the nick of time. Feeling so hopeless, i cried a bucket telling my parents on the phone that im not going. then the immigration officer said ' huwag ka nang umiyak papaalisin ka na namin' (don't cry now, we'll let you go). Then i said what?? thaaankkkk youuuu. It was a crazy event with a precious lesson. Flying solo out of the country was my biggest move so far, and so off i went to the lion city for 3 days. haha

1st day

My cousin got work that day, so for my first day, i was lucky my brother's ex girlfriend/my friend Danica extended her family vacation. she then toured me around the city together with her gorgeous sisters. I tried the local foods and bumming along marina bay. Chicken satay is now my favorite, and i sucked at eating noodles with chopsticks ( hehe badly needed some practice).

2nd day

My brother and his wife came along and we headed to SENTOSA ISLAND. We bought ezlink cards for the three of us, and its good for mrt's and buses. Their transportation system was superrr. I noticed that people at singapore trains constantly use their phone and some of them read books while waiting for the train. I was even amazed that even guys read a book on the train, very smart looking huh lol. We toured around sentosa island untill our legs ached, did a whole lot of sight-seeing, as well as, picture taking mostly by my brother ( the photographer of the group). I also got a close up session with the birds of palawan ampitheater, those birds were really smart and talented.

3rd day

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.. my experiences for this one was epic (at least so far). i earned a few guts to try the mummy ride. I screamed a lot and burned my throat, the ride was so crazy!!! . I was the loudest among the group, half crying and shouting that the ride should stoppp haha. i wish i bought the souvenir picture though, i thought my pocket money was not enough. Imagine, it costs 18 singaporean dollars ( 612 pesos ) for one screaming photo. ahmm never mind. haha Then i got wet for the adventure rapids at the dinosaurs world, and went screaming as my brother and i tried the canopy flyer. we did a whole lot of things. saw a lot of filipinos also on tour, even spotted a local celebrity angelica dela cruz but i never dared to ask for a picture with her.

Noob's lessons:

Never tell the immigrations that you are working in the government, if you do, secure a travel authority from your work.

Don't forget to set your phone in roam, even at alarming situations before you leave. :)

And sometimes a little drama can be a great help.. haha

Never ever carry someone else's baggage, even from a friend - if you're not sure with what's inside. A lot of ofw's were sentenced to death for carrying drugs. (my cousin kept reminding me this)

Never be afraid to asked for directions, just choose wisely - so you can also converse with a native-

From a terrible experience, never be hesitant to enjoy the trip, it will always get better.

Keep searching for cheap finds as souvenirs, almost everything in singapore was expensive for a peso, except for the accessories ( love love love F21 )

And lastlyyy.. plan for another trip! what's next??? HK inshallahhh.. :D