Sunday, May 15, 2011



People i'm with

Went to Ingan to have a taste of their panas adventure last saturday. The place was lovely and just like any other lake type water, it is damn cold ( at least for me who live my entire life in a tropical country haha ). This is also a birthday celebration for my dear Zela Tan. I usually call her Nanay Delai in a teasing way. She is surely a good person to be around. After 3 months of being with her, undoubtedly, one of the coolest person that I've met. Happy birthday Nay Delai.. Wish you all good things in life, because you deserve it!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wet Summer

I just got back from a beach party in a stormy day. I told my dad I don't want to go, but i thought, I haven't been out in the house for the past few weekends. So I got out of bed, and since the weather is drizzly I decided to wear my knitted sweatshirt. I already decided not to take any swim but I brought my swim clothes just in case I change my mind, which I really didn't. When we arrived it's really cold and windy and instead of hiding in the cottage, I saw a bunch of kids swimming in the kiddie pool. They were oblivious of the cold. Then there's one kid who took my eyes for the rest of the afternoon. He is sooo cute I wish i will have one.. :D So for today, I enjoyed watching the kids play in the pool instead of taking a plunge in the water.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life in Public Health

Alright! I know i haven't blogged about my new job yet, but i became a nurse again ( happiness! haha ). It's been almost 3 months being with RNheals ( R.N's for Health Enhancement and Local Service ) and I am having a good time. It's a really good thing for this 1 year opportunity, getting paid as a nurse for the first time. I met a lot of cool people, and those midwives and nurses at Hinunangan Southern Leyte RHU are really fun to be with. There are also people who inspired me and their talks about their life's journey never fails to make me sit and listen. Yah know what i mean.. :D lol

I reckoned that this was the most exhausting moment of my full Public Health Exposure. I was assigned to hiked towards Bantawon and 3 others. This baranggay rests at the top most part of a mountain. Kind of similar to Baguio, joke! Although my legs ached after 4 hrs of walking in a steep, what awaited us, was the cool spring of Bantawon’s hydrothermal. Sure enough it relaxed us a bit, but hurried to get up from the water as soon as we spotted a snake trying to make its way against the current. Sadly, I don't have any photos for that little swim.. It's in my phone along with some 60 video clips which I took when I tried not to think of hyperventilating. I will try to transfer it though.. Hopefully soon.