Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Slice of Boracay

It is of no secret how famous BORACAY is in my country, and (i don't feel like bragging but)it was voted as one of the must visit beaches in the world! :). Considered as one of the top tourist destinations in PH all year round, wet and dry season! It is also one of the coolest spots for celebrity sightings, and offers fun-filled activities not just in water but land as well. This magnificent island is nestled in the province of Aklan.

I was kind of debating with myself whether to post an entry solely about Boracay since this experience is so not recent. And here i am blogging it anyway LOL. I had my fair share with boracay, sometime last april. I took a trip with my mom and dad. Actually my dad and i just tagged along, since my mom attended the annual AMHOP seminar, an association of Municipal Health Officers in the Philippines. We boarded a plane from Cebu to Caticlan ( my first cloud9 experience whoa! ). Spent 3 days at La Carmela de Boracay hotel, which is cheaper compared to other beach front hotels.

We roamed around the beach and checked D' mall and plazoleta( mini malls of boracay). These two are the places where you can buy souvenirs of all kinds that are worth taking home with you. Although i'm not a fan of souvenirs made out of seashells anymore, since i realized that its a catalyst for destruction to the marine ecosystem. I prefer tees, so i bought a personalized t-shirt with " Badet ♥ boracay " print at island souvenirs and a dress on sale woot! I got a henna tattoo for free! With my name in alibata form BA-DE-T. Thanks to Bryan, a guy from my class who works for Lonely Planet Tattoo Shop at plazoleta. And oh.. i also got a Danielle Steel book , MESSAGE FROM NAM, which i cried a river on.

The island has a lot to offer,so My Boracay Guide Book helps me contemplate on what activities to try. I've been itching to ride a horse eversince my juvenile years and so i begged my mom to please.. please.. let me ride one. Although, sad to say i ended up checking the butterflies at fairways and blue water butterfly garden instead ughhh! My over protective dad said its dangerous as i don't have any experience yet! Well, that's the point! Sooo lame. Nonetheless, I had a blast with the banana boat ride and it would have been great if the waves were big enough to make the ride more exciting. Unfortunately, i missed the flying fish ride, it seems pretty scary though.

Moving on, the crowd was crazier by night. Talented sand sculptors were on the go, forming the boracay sandcastle plus the date on it. Luckily, anyone is free to take photos as a souvenir but to be fair you can offer some money as a donation to the sculptor. Buffet tables were stationed in front of the restaurants and hotels offering affordable prices for unlimited services or what you call as eat-all-you-can meals. Furthermore, live music were obiquitous, entertaining guests with music ranging from reggaes to acoustics.

I only had a piece of boracay fever, owing to the fact that i haven't experience the boracay night life! Like party till you pass out?! Drinks, dancing and all that LOL. I'm not much of a drinker, however on occasions like hearing a good danceable beat, Count me in! The fact that i'm with my parents, and especially when night parties are not their cup of tea. I had to conceal my seemingly wild side for that moment. Though the drums, fire dancing, the music as well as the people were pretty much a temptation. Sand castle and fire dancing are absolutely BORACAY!

Note: i'm definitely going back to this place, and do the things i was not able to do. inshallah! :p

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Not too long ago, i  discovered Since then, i never fail to check the site. Its kind of frustrating that my country do not have the stores that other countries have, like H&M and the like. Oh well, even if those awesome stores exist here, the price are doubled for a PHP, so for those people like me, need to think twice in purchasing lol . I find glory in thrift shopping anyway. I have the patience to dig for whatever " HIDDEN TREASURES " im yet to find.

 Indeed, there are a lot of cool people around the globe. Though some posts i found weird. FASHION is an outward expression of self so differences are what makes us interesting.  I am a girl who is easily inspired. This is my first attempt for 2 months ago.

These photos were taken at Hindag-an falls. Not only i enjoyed plunging in the cold water, i also got an opportunity to have some shots with the nice landscape of the area. I ♥ VINTAGE!