Sunday, July 17, 2011


my awesome mix friends

lea, adet, mona, allan, elaine, bianca, john, cathy, narc, amy

I miss these cool people so bad. I'm with them all through out my awkward moments in highschool. It only seemed yesterday that we walk through the streets after school laughing out loud, cracking up jokes. Foodtrip at anyones house, singing out loud on karaoke, beach bumming, sometimes cutting up classes? ( bad ass moments ), gossiping about our crushes lol, and cry over stupid arguments.

See yah soon guys! ♥

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bookworm Mood

Whenever I head on a mall, I can't help on not checking the available bookstores. In my case, The National Bookstore in Robinson's Mall, Tacloban City. I guess I just needed some tools to kill time and what else do I need? a BOOK! right.. :)

So here are my recent bookreads:

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians : The Titan's Curse

this is the third book in the PJOT series, and this part, Thalia ( daughter of Zeus ) was brought to life by the golden fleece. The prophecy says, that a son or daughter of the BIG THREE ( Zeus, Poseidon and Hades ) can bring down olympus on his or her 16th birthday. The Titans are now on the rise, and Thalia is back.. Who shall bring down OLYMPUS?
I got bored on this one.. Honestly speaking! I am now asking myself if I should really read this whole series.

2. Beastly - Alex Flinn

This is the book that my mom gave me when she got back from a seminar in Davao. The modern version of Beauty and the Beast. I know that there is a movie for this book. You can tell it from the book cover, with Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer gracing on it. I read the book first before seeing the movie, I regretted it. I should have watched the movie first. I was disappointed as usual, it's different. Anyway.. I love Vanessa, she's been my fashion icon eversince highschool musical days. The fact that she is half Pinay made me love her more. Sooo I love BEASTLY! :)

3. Infernal Devices : Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare

Now this I love love! This is the prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. This is about Tessa Gray, a girl who just discovered her ability to be someone and get a hold with that someones thoughts and character, a shapeshifter. She is from New York and her journey to London to be with her brother went into a disaster, then she was saved by Shadowhunters. When i read this book, i fell in love with magic, London and the characters especially that blue-eyed shadowhunter! lol.. Really.. I'm dying to read the clockwork prince ( book 2 ) and also, read the Mortal Instrument series once and for all! :)

4. The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

This is the most tragic book I've ever read so far and the most deeply moving movie I've ever seen. I saw the movie last 2009 and i was emotionally in pain for the next 2 days after watching it. It's a story about friendship, family, betrayal, religion and war. How quickly life can change with just one decision you make. I was on my masochistic self when i bought this book, knowing how badly i was hurt when i saw it on the screen. This is by the way the last drama movie i saw this past two years.

5. Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

This is like having Bella and Edward in a different setting, its a page turner nonetheless. Considering that I finished the book in just a day. This is the first book of The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series. I love the book cover, the text color and the fact that its not a one sided story. You get to read this book from two persons point of view, Grace and Sam... I also can't wait to read the sequel of this book which is Linger.

6. My Name is Memory - Ann Brashares

I have yet to read this book.. :) This is a story of a love that goes beyond a lifetime, reincarnation and stuffs. A guy who got an extraordinary gift of memory who keeps falling in love with the same girl. Im in love with the gist of the story, and I'm just as curious as ever as to what will happen at the end.

I was such a bookworm this past couple of weeks. Now, I think I strained my eyes that it gives me headache sometimes. I know that most of the stuffs that I've been reading were fiction and I'm 22 years old! lol I don't know if its a bad thing? I guess its just the child in me. Although it feels really good to be out on a different world! Its better than having drugs and alcohol in your system! haha

Sunday, May 15, 2011



People i'm with

Went to Ingan to have a taste of their panas adventure last saturday. The place was lovely and just like any other lake type water, it is damn cold ( at least for me who live my entire life in a tropical country haha ). This is also a birthday celebration for my dear Zela Tan. I usually call her Nanay Delai in a teasing way. She is surely a good person to be around. After 3 months of being with her, undoubtedly, one of the coolest person that I've met. Happy birthday Nay Delai.. Wish you all good things in life, because you deserve it!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wet Summer

I just got back from a beach party in a stormy day. I told my dad I don't want to go, but i thought, I haven't been out in the house for the past few weekends. So I got out of bed, and since the weather is drizzly I decided to wear my knitted sweatshirt. I already decided not to take any swim but I brought my swim clothes just in case I change my mind, which I really didn't. When we arrived it's really cold and windy and instead of hiding in the cottage, I saw a bunch of kids swimming in the kiddie pool. They were oblivious of the cold. Then there's one kid who took my eyes for the rest of the afternoon. He is sooo cute I wish i will have one.. :D So for today, I enjoyed watching the kids play in the pool instead of taking a plunge in the water.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life in Public Health

Alright! I know i haven't blogged about my new job yet, but i became a nurse again ( happiness! haha ). It's been almost 3 months being with RNheals ( R.N's for Health Enhancement and Local Service ) and I am having a good time. It's a really good thing for this 1 year opportunity, getting paid as a nurse for the first time. I met a lot of cool people, and those midwives and nurses at Hinunangan Southern Leyte RHU are really fun to be with. There are also people who inspired me and their talks about their life's journey never fails to make me sit and listen. Yah know what i mean.. :D lol

I reckoned that this was the most exhausting moment of my full Public Health Exposure. I was assigned to hiked towards Bantawon and 3 others. This baranggay rests at the top most part of a mountain. Kind of similar to Baguio, joke! Although my legs ached after 4 hrs of walking in a steep, what awaited us, was the cool spring of Bantawon’s hydrothermal. Sure enough it relaxed us a bit, but hurried to get up from the water as soon as we spotted a snake trying to make its way against the current. Sadly, I don't have any photos for that little swim.. It's in my phone along with some 60 video clips which I took when I tried not to think of hyperventilating. I will try to transfer it though.. Hopefully soon.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hey there Aunt!

Saturday and we decided to go to PNOC beach for a little photoshoot. I'm just new with my Nikon d3100 and i am so eager to learn. I wasn't born with artistic skills in photography, since i'm a girl with quite a few interests.. I'm betting on nurture against nature! Hopefully practice makes perfect.. LOL ciaaooo!

Adet went to Singapore!

Looking back, i always dream of going out of the country. I never thought that turning 22 would be this great. At last my passport got a few stamps, documenting that i've touched down the singapore airport without a scratch. Mind you, the first part of my trip was a nightmare.

I was able to experienced hell before i left. the immigration officer did not allow me to leave because of some complications with my cousin's invitation letter and the fact that i am working in the government. I called two doctors asking them if they could secure me a travel authority within an hour ( i was so desperate ), unfortunately they couldn't it was all at the nick of time. Feeling so hopeless, i cried a bucket telling my parents on the phone that im not going. then the immigration officer said ' huwag ka nang umiyak papaalisin ka na namin' (don't cry now, we'll let you go). Then i said what?? thaaankkkk youuuu. It was a crazy event with a precious lesson. Flying solo out of the country was my biggest move so far, and so off i went to the lion city for 3 days. haha

1st day

My cousin got work that day, so for my first day, i was lucky my brother's ex girlfriend/my friend Danica extended her family vacation. she then toured me around the city together with her gorgeous sisters. I tried the local foods and bumming along marina bay. Chicken satay is now my favorite, and i sucked at eating noodles with chopsticks ( hehe badly needed some practice).

2nd day

My brother and his wife came along and we headed to SENTOSA ISLAND. We bought ezlink cards for the three of us, and its good for mrt's and buses. Their transportation system was superrr. I noticed that people at singapore trains constantly use their phone and some of them read books while waiting for the train. I was even amazed that even guys read a book on the train, very smart looking huh lol. We toured around sentosa island untill our legs ached, did a whole lot of sight-seeing, as well as, picture taking mostly by my brother ( the photographer of the group). I also got a close up session with the birds of palawan ampitheater, those birds were really smart and talented.

3rd day

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.. my experiences for this one was epic (at least so far). i earned a few guts to try the mummy ride. I screamed a lot and burned my throat, the ride was so crazy!!! . I was the loudest among the group, half crying and shouting that the ride should stoppp haha. i wish i bought the souvenir picture though, i thought my pocket money was not enough. Imagine, it costs 18 singaporean dollars ( 612 pesos ) for one screaming photo. ahmm never mind. haha Then i got wet for the adventure rapids at the dinosaurs world, and went screaming as my brother and i tried the canopy flyer. we did a whole lot of things. saw a lot of filipinos also on tour, even spotted a local celebrity angelica dela cruz but i never dared to ask for a picture with her.

Noob's lessons:

Never tell the immigrations that you are working in the government, if you do, secure a travel authority from your work.

Don't forget to set your phone in roam, even at alarming situations before you leave. :)

And sometimes a little drama can be a great help.. haha

Never ever carry someone else's baggage, even from a friend - if you're not sure with what's inside. A lot of ofw's were sentenced to death for carrying drugs. (my cousin kept reminding me this)

Never be afraid to asked for directions, just choose wisely - so you can also converse with a native-

From a terrible experience, never be hesitant to enjoy the trip, it will always get better.

Keep searching for cheap finds as souvenirs, almost everything in singapore was expensive for a peso, except for the accessories ( love love love F21 )

And lastlyyy.. plan for another trip! what's next??? HK inshallahhh.. :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Went crazy for a minute!

I was looking through my old photos, and i saw this webcam photo. Ideas kept popping in my head as i looked at it, summer is almost near. Imagining that i am on the beach with this in my head and a summer dress that would go with it. I have it for a couple of months now but i have no chance of ever wearing it. Then suddenly I remembered, where have you been hiding lately? I didn't notice you in awhile now. Shit! i didn't saw you in my room the last time i went back to cebu to collect the things that i left.. Turned out that someone took it from my room and did not ask for my permission. Not even returning it to me when i got back. Good thing a friend of mine saw my hat, and i stopped ranting! haayyy Thank you! haha

Monday, February 28, 2011

Message in a Bottle

A few days ago, it was my first time to ever read the work of the famous Nicholas Sparks. Lame right? I know. I've heard his name all through out high school as his name became synonymous with A Walk to Remember and The Notebook. But i never got the time to read his book even though how much i love the movies that were based on his novels.

The story is about a man who love someone dearly and even after his wife's death the love that they shared still haunts him. Coping up with his loss, he wrote letters to his dead wife, sealed it in a bottle and tossed it in the ocean. And a divorced woman who was married with the man whom she fell hopelessly in love with, only to find him cheating all along. A message in a bottle washed to the shore, that made too lonely souls meet.

The novel talks about finding love, living it for a short period of time and eventually lost it in the end. Tragic right? It's a sad story. I hope i didn't spoil the book for those who have not read it yet, however, i do hope you'll be intrigued. As i'm in the last few pages of the book i kept hoping for a sudden twist of the story. Unfortunately.. I ended up in tears and disappointment. :(

There is also a movie based on this, but i do not have the time to watch this film yet.. I'm hoping soon, just curious! :)