Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Places with memories..

Tonight, i just wanted to look back on the places that i've been to. To remind myself that life has been good to me, even though there are rough patches along the way. I learned a great deal about life and i must say I have become a stronger person than what i expected of myself. So, this is to celebrate and be proud of life itself! :)


I went to Bantayan Island with three of  my friends Ebba, Lora and Volts ( a friends bf ). I could never forget this place because for the first time I get to experience the joy of swimming with your eyes open because I never did ( well, I tried )my entire life swimming with them open. Back at home, the sea was just too irritating on the eyes to even want to swim with the eyes open. And how can I ever forget the first taste of my now all time favorite dish, sizzling sweet " Gambas ".


I got to visit the hometown of my boardmates! :) Such a lovely island, one of the best in
Cebu. Full of awesome, smiling, & helpful people!


A misadventure that turned out to be an eye opening experience for me in the world of travelling. First, we missed a plane since I failed to check the time of departure ( i know, stupid of me ). Because of this, we travelled from Puerto Princesa to El Nido by a bus, then to our final destination which is Coron Island by a small boat full of foreigners. We were so out of place but we still talked loud :D. However, by this experience, we learned that in places like coron, you have an option not to rent a hotel, instead look for houses or accommodations that offers a bed space. You could rent a standard room for 200 Php, How cool is that? We were surprised that most foreign backpackers opted to havea  simple accommodation, would even look for a much cheaper one. We were the only Filipino bedspacers on the house that we stayed in. The landlady was so kind and helpful. Actually, most of the people in coron. They value mother nature a whole lot and they have respect to small living creatures. Our guide once said " Gusto rin nilang mabuhay " and i thought " oo, nga naman ". I never regretted that we were way out of budget because of an error, or the fact that we spent a day getting to our planned destination, my only regret was that we didn't bring any underwater cameras with us when we snorkeled and fed the fishes. It was so AMAZING!!! We will definitely go back with my BF. :)


Just recently, I went back to Canigao Island with friends from work. I had such high hopes with this place. i used to remember the first time I visited back in Jan 2010, the sky was so clear and i was able to see a meteor shower for the first time in my life. I made a wish and I don't know if it will come true. lol Anyway, when we got there it was sunny but later that evening it rained. boo!.. But my friends and I had fun playing cards, specially the Name Game and the booze. Oh yeah! who wouldn't? I also got hit by a Frisbee on the face, and that second time, the guy who hit me had to say sorry or I else, they will lose their precious frisbee forever.Good thing he did.  :)

That was it! Some memories will haunt us but some will keep your demons at bay. Being haunted is a choice. :)