Sunday, November 21, 2010


Not too long ago, i  discovered Since then, i never fail to check the site. Its kind of frustrating that my country do not have the stores that other countries have, like H&M and the like. Oh well, even if those awesome stores exist here, the price are doubled for a PHP, so for those people like me, need to think twice in purchasing lol . I find glory in thrift shopping anyway. I have the patience to dig for whatever " HIDDEN TREASURES " im yet to find.

 Indeed, there are a lot of cool people around the globe. Though some posts i found weird. FASHION is an outward expression of self so differences are what makes us interesting.  I am a girl who is easily inspired. This is my first attempt for 2 months ago.

These photos were taken at Hindag-an falls. Not only i enjoyed plunging in the cold water, i also got an opportunity to have some shots with the nice landscape of the area. I ♥ VINTAGE!


  1. Nice shots!
    Now I miss riding the bicycle.. Haha!!

  2. @the divinitus : hehe it sucks right?

    @honey: thank you.. :D

  3. @kristina j. thank you! :D love ur vintage looks as well..

  4. Nice pics!! Totally dig the bike!