Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wet Summer

I just got back from a beach party in a stormy day. I told my dad I don't want to go, but i thought, I haven't been out in the house for the past few weekends. So I got out of bed, and since the weather is drizzly I decided to wear my knitted sweatshirt. I already decided not to take any swim but I brought my swim clothes just in case I change my mind, which I really didn't. When we arrived it's really cold and windy and instead of hiding in the cottage, I saw a bunch of kids swimming in the kiddie pool. They were oblivious of the cold. Then there's one kid who took my eyes for the rest of the afternoon. He is sooo cute I wish i will have one.. :D So for today, I enjoyed watching the kids play in the pool instead of taking a plunge in the water.

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