Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Pay

Finally.. i got my pay! Not in my 21 years of a semi walk through of my life, have i ever got this sum of money that i can call my own, from my own sweat and blood. It's been 2 months of waiting to get a hold of this plastic orangie card. And now, tucked in an unopened brown envelope, along with the details of my new account, laid a card of 2 months worth of pay. My mom keeps bugging me about not having my pay yet. She found it ridiculous about not getting the pay after the training period, unlike my dad, who's cool as always. Actually, i was not really excited about it to be honest. Before yes, but now? LOL halfheartedly saying no.

I ventured to a call center work 2 months ago,in order for me to support the exam that i'm dying to pass. Yes! IELTS. I always find writing so mind-boggling, and that i can hardly substitute the ideas running through my brain with sophisticated descriptive words. I promised myself not to stop working until I hit the mark of at least 7 from my weak bond score of 6. I have also been eyeing on that DSLR for like a year? haha( L.A.M.E ) Well, if they won't buy me one, then i'll be saving money for me to have it. So, these two were the top most reasons why i'm sticking on that sedentary-somewhat-stressful caller job.

Ironically, i spent hours of day dreaming as to what stuffs to purchase right after receiving that e-wallet in my hand. Buy this and that, go to here and there. Then now at this very moment? while in touch with reality already, curling my hair seems to be pricey and buying that leather jacket makes me feel uneasy. I can't think of buying stuffs for myself, knowing that I hold my breath every time i go to work and deal with usually irate demanding callers from USA. Anyways, i'm still definitely up with the plan of allocating something for my parents this X'mas, and also to those people who made my 2010 oh so bright.. I'm uber excited for the yuletide season. I still wish for a snow in the philippines though. haha

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  1. just reading this got me excited. im trying to save. i will ive vicariousely thorugh you :)