Monday, December 20, 2010

Goin' Crazy with YIRUMA

I don't want to sleep yet. My clock says it's 7:55 am ph time, though my recently adapted lifestyle says it's 6:55 pm EST. Normally, I should hit the sack at this hour. Instead, i got my head in a state of reverie, melting me to the core just by merely listening to Yiruma's compositions.

It's so soothing, with a quality of being achingly beautiful! His music instantly puts me on cloud9. It can make my mind wander and temporarily be a time traveller. Enables me to look back to good memories, and painfully long for something, something, unreachable..

Well, I know my emotions tend to be over rated, but i don't care. LOL I am definitely hook with his songs since that time when a friend shared this link..

Before i knew it, i found myself starving for his music. So, I dug out his songs and never failed to hit play on my "daydreaming playlist" every waking hours. Here are my top faves from his compositions., but i got tons actually.

I'm going to dream of this on my wedding day. LOL ayeee..


  1. I like yiruma...I love Moonlight song... I like your blog

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  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I'm also an Aquarian and a nurse, just like you! :)

  3. your blog looks amazing, im just new follower, do you want to follow my blog?

  4. What a nice blog! :-)
    I like reading what you write :P

  5. And thank you for your comment! :)
    The skirt is from H&M and I'm working in H&M right now and we have one almost like mine, just sown a differently.. So check you H&M out :)
    Follow one another? :)

  6. I love Yiruma, his music is fantastic!
    And I play the piano too, so I cannot help but love him!